Happy Wednesday!

This Friday (22nd February) will see Lia Redford release her next single Anything But Easy. Anything But Easy gives us the first taste of Lisa’s upcoming EP ‘Edge of Love’.

Words from Lisa about the song and her upcoming EP: “I always write from the heart and this song is no exception,” says Lisa. “I’m so proud of the new songs from ‘Edge of Love’ and can’t wait to share them.”

Anything But Easy starts with a very funky, upbeat track with many different instrumental giving the song so much dynamic which I love. Anything But Easy reminds me of the reason why I love country music along with the honesty of Lisa’s lyrics.  Anything But Easy opens with a stunning first verse which opens the song wonderfully there is something so special and unique about Lisa’s vocals and song-writing abilities from the off. The chorus of Anything But Easy allows you to paint your own picture in your head based on your own past relationships. It bought me to tears quiet a few times. The beautiful instrumental throughout make the song connect perfectly especially with the second verse allowing the lyrics to shine through. The final verse of Anything But Easy is very strong and the lyrics are relatable when it comes to being in a relationship and with the thought of letting go of a relationship being so difficult even though you know it’s the best thing to do. Anything But Easy is a very special and unique song that showcases Lisa’s incredible vocals wonderfully.

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